The Founder & CEO

Phystone Group was founded in 2000.

Dr. Safi Harb is the CEO and Founder of Phystone Group in 2000.

Dr. Safi Harb holds a PhD in International Finance and Banking, an MBA in Finance, an MA in Economics from George Washington University, Washington, DC and a BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He also holds a Certificate from the Federal Reserve in the USA where he was also a lecturer.

The firm has established a leading position across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and has built up a strong client base within various sectors (including oil and gas, industry and financial services), and raised funds exceeding $20 billion. The firm also advises Governments on raising debt, restructuring of Public Companies, and modernization of the financial sector, and advises international conglomerates on business development, strategic planning and funding strategies.

Dr. Harb has dedicated himself to tackling big problems with transformative solutions. At the World Bank, he participated in the design of financial system restructuring programs in more than twenty countries and designed and supervised the institutional restructuring programs of various development and commercial banks around the world.  He advised Governments on banking restructuring and privatization policy, preparation of modern banking laws, and conducted seminars, both in-house at the World Bank and globally: on banking restructuring, and prudent banking practices.  He also designed specific restructuring and privatization programs of major banks in Africa, China, Latin America and South East Asia.

At the IFC, he designed and implemented various advisory and fundraising projects, leading negotiations with clients, government and public sector officials and international financial institutions. This included arranging and syndicating long-term loans, as well as providing technical assistance for the development of the capital markets, and the revamping of the stock exchange in five countries.  He also was responsible for setting up several investment banks and leasing companies, a factoring company, an equity investment fund, and a life insurance company.

Over his career, Dr Safi Harb has worked closely with both the Public and Private sector and has developed extensive experience in how to provide practical and creative solutions and structures for complicated fundraisings which involve a combination of various public sector and private sector institutions across the globe.

He also has developed deep and long-standing relationships with various partners across the world. These assist the firm in identifying issues which may not immediately be apparent during transactions, and resolving these types of problems and challenges to achieve successful outcomes.