Proven Experience in Structuring Complex Project Financings

Project Finance

Phystone has been advising both private and public entities on the financing of major capital investment projects throughout the world.

The firm has proven experience in structuring complex international energy and infrastructure project financings from the earliest stages of feasibility to capital structuring, and financial negotiations all the way through to financial closing. Phystone has simultaneously managed multiple lending agencies for several projects.

Phystone has extensive experience working with credit agency (ECA)  all and multilateral/bilateral financial institutions, and has in-depth understanding of all the requirements to obtain financing from these institutions. Such agencies include the IFC/World Bank, Sinosure, Sachi, MIGA, U.S. Ex-Im Bank, and OPIC, among others.


Phystone has internationally recognized expertise in:

Evaluation & Development

Evaluating, developing and structuring energy and infrastructure investments.


Managing lender groups for complex, multi-source, capital-intensive projects involving commercial banks, ECAs and official agencies.


Knowing the financing appetite of bank and capital markets, including private placements with institutional investors and investment funds.


Assessing public and private sources of risk insurance and credit enhancements.


The Phystone Group primary objectives for Project Finance.



Assist in defining the Project’s specifics


Assess the financial feasibility of the Project


Advise the Client with respect to the structuring and execution of the Transaction
  • Identifying new projects
  • Identifying of sponsor
  • Bid Stage Advisory
  • Selection of a technical partner(s)
  • Contractual Framework Design
  • Permitting Process Review
  • Conducting comprehensive feasibility studies
  • Performing Financial Modeling and analysis
  • Assessing the project borrowing capacity  and advising on appropriate capital structure
  • Identifying likely financing sources including commercial banks, ECAs, official  agencies, institutional investors and investment funds
  • Assessing public and private sources of risk insurance and credit enhancements
  • Assessing legal and regulatory considerations,
  • Advise on optimal corporate structure for the Project
  • Completion of full legal due diligence on the Project and the Transaction
  • Coordination of Road Show
  • Negotiate with the prospective investors and lenders and follow-up on Investment and Credit approval processes
  • Advise on interest currency and/or inflation mitigation
  • Support throughout documentation / Deal Closing
  • Implementing Corporate Governance
  • Applying Control Mechanism (reporting systems and dashboards)
  • Advising and implementing operational procedures